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Get The Best Horse Racing Tips Right Here With Ginger Joe

Do you wanna get yourself ahead of the game with one of the hottest horse racing pro tipsters in the business? Then you gotta check out Ginger Joe - one of the best tipsters around right now!

Ginger Joe is a professional horse racing tipster based in the United Kingdom, and is the resident tipster for  our friends over at Betting.couk.

Ginger Joe's Racing Show

As well as providing is expert tips over his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Ginger Joe has also just this week released his brand new YouTube channel - Ginger Joe's Racing Show. You can check out the first espside below:

Ginger Joe's Credintials - A Legit Pro Tipster

Ginger Joe has estblished himself as one of the hottest up and coming tipster on the UK scene, thanks in no small part to his recent success at the Cheltenham festival. It's not just recent successes, Joe has a long history of helping his fellow gamblers to find massive payouts through huglely priced winners.

On top of a great many other things, ginger Joe can prouldy boast as being a former Lucky 15 champion and a regular ITV7 Top 10 finisher. If you're unaware of what this means, do  a quick Google search - it's big deal over in the UK!

Top Tips for UK and US Horse Racing

Ginger Joe might be foucssed on the UK and Irish horse racing scene, but his knowledge extends way ebyond the boards of his native land. In the past Joe has also provided successful tips for the Kentucky Derby and other major US horse racing events. An besides that, most US horse betting sites also curently offer you global racing tracks, inlcuding those in the UK.

You can therefore use the best US horse betting sites to take advantage of Ginger Joe's tips!

Where to Find Ginger Joe

You can find Ginger Joe on the following Platforms: 

Twitter:  @GingerJoeRacing

Instagram: @GingerJoeRacing

YouTube: Ginger Joe's Racing Show

For any business related enquires, Ginger Joe is happy to make his email address available upon request.

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