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NFL | Record Predcitions for the AFC South

In our latest series of NFL 2021/22 season predictions, our very own Daniel Bernandini brings you his expert forecast for the AFC South.

Indianapolis Colts

indanapolis colts

This team seems to be a “dark horse” contender for a deep playoff run for many, but I just don’t see it happening.

Far from being a Carson Wentz hater, I think this is a perfect opportunity for him to get back to his winning ways, now that he will be reunited with Frank Reich, the quarterback guru who helped him take the Eagles to their first Superbowl victory, during their magical 2017 season. I just don’t think it happens this year.

They didn’t land Julio, which to me means Jones’ agent knew something we don’t, and felt his star client would be in a better position for success with the division rival Tennessee Titans, to end his illustrious (but ring-less) career.

I’ve watched more film than I care to admit from Carson’s Eagles days, and when he’s surrounded by a good team, he excels to the point where he plays outside himself and gets hurt. Invariably. Now that he has a good offensive line and better receivers than in Philadelphia, look for Wentz to hold each snap for five seconds and try to make every play a touch down.

That’s never a good idea in the NFL, and this prince-Harry lookalike never listens...

Dan's prediction: he’ll scamper, duck and then twirl like a 6 foot 4 ballerina, all to toss a pick-six and get a concussion at the worst possible time.

Best case scenario is 12-5... but a more realistic (and worst) case scenario has them going 9-8.

Houston Texans

houston texans 2021

On a good day, this club can win against maybe three of it’s scheduled opponents: The Jets, a split with Jacksonville and the Carolina Panthers.

I just can’t see how they’ll be able to compete with the rest of the division, let alone the entire NFL, while still mired in the bizarre Deshaun Watson saga. There’s something very wrong in Houston, and when one also takes into account the trading of J.J. Watt and Deandre Hopkins, it tells me that big-name stars know the fix is in and that the Texans aren’t geared towards winning.

The lack of draft picks and poor talent evaluation (David Johnson? Really?) shows a terrible overall vision for the future of the franchise, implies a weak workplace culture, and generates disengaged players, with zero confidence in their management/front office.

Until something changes and the quarterback situation is resolved, there isn’t really much to say about this team: let’s wait and see.

Best case scenario is 3-14, worst case scenario is a win-less season with 0-17

Jacksonville Jaguars

jacksonville jaguars

You’ll have heard it here first: the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to beat the Colts and sweep the Texans, to make the playoffs.

I know it sounds impossible and crazy and click-baity to say... but through the NFL’s lens, it makes perfect sense. The Jaguars are the league’s most “international” team, so their success grows the sport globally due to their London-based fans (see why they keep shipping these fools to Wembley every year?) and they’ve already tested the playoff waters (and fan appetite/interest) with their AFC-championship run in 2017.

Now add onto that their selection in this year's draft of Trevor Lawrence, the most marketable rookie quarterback since Baker Mayfield (paired with his college RB!)... and you get a recipe for success, that puts more asses in Jacksonville seats than ever before.

Plus, the Texans are dead in the water, Carson Wentz is primed for a late-season meltdown (the league has seen what makes him crack, from his Philly days) and the Titans will take the division, after snatching up Julio... so what’s not to like?

What’s that? Forgetting something, am I?

Ah yes, little Timmy T... He’s going to have 8 touchdowns this year, and the circus will reach a fever pitch once again, when the Jags sneak into January with a Wild Card berth. Tebow’s return is beyond calculated, and is just a reverse Kaepernick situation to draw eyeballs: he’s already a superstar in Florida from his college days, and despite all the race-baiting and religious nonsense surrounding Tebow, the real thing to take away from this is that the NFL is legally entertainment, and remains identical to professional wrestling.

“Heroes” and “Villains” can just pop up out of nowhere and play new positions, after almost a decade out of the sport, and we’re told this is legit because they’re just so blessed with magic sports-genes and “determination”. Yawn... TV is dying and their flagship program (NFL broadcasting) is pulling out all the stops for a wild crescendo.

Best case scenario is 10-7, worst case scenario is 4-13

Tennessee Titans

tennessee titans

With A.J. Brown at wideout on one side and a freshly-signed Julio Jones on the other, the Titans can actually say they have the best one-two punch at wide receiver in the AFC.

The only problem with them holding that title, is that they’re a run-based team, that lives and dies by the thunderous stomps of Derrick Henry, their All-World running back. If Ryan Tannehill is throwing the rock all over the lot, that’s usually a bad sign for this franchise, because it means they’re trying to catch up to the scoreboard, instead of grinding clock and pounding the football.

Still, I foresee this team taking the division, and surprising the league by re-introducing some Wild-Cat formations to their playbook, to maximize their receiving talent while keeping the ground game involved. I’d love to see Henry lob a bomb down field... and don’t forget, Tannehill could scamper before that ACL in Miami, so I wouldn’t put it past him to try and see if it works again.

The schedule is a little tough on them, seeing as they square off with the entire NFC West (and I actually have them losing all those games) but Tennessee should be sturdy enough down the stretch to go on a roll, and come into the playoffs as hot as last year.

Best case scenario is 12-5, worst case scenario is 10-7

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