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NFL | Record Predictions for the NFC West

Predications for the NFC WEST - NFL Record Predictions

Now that the draft is over and the schedules for each team have been released, our very own Daniel Bernandini is going to break down the potentially difficult/easy match-ups for every roster.

You’ll notice that some teams seem to have been favored by the football gods (cough-cough Vegas... cough) while others have been faced with a veritable gauntlet of last years most impressive teams. Dan will also do his best to elucidate the NFL’s reasoning, as well as the thought-process that goes into such decisions.

So strap in, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and prepare to dive deep into the 2021 NFL schedule!

First Up...

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals:

arizona cardinals predictions

With J.J. Watt joining the team and DHop still rocking the best hands in the league, it’s fair to say that the Cardinals have every shot at making the playoffs this year. Kyler Murray has clearly put to rest any doubts about his size (or arm strength) that had been lingering around him before last season, and looks primed to lead his squad towards a Superbowl run.

The only problem is that their division is the toughest one in football. With two games against the Rams, 49ers and Seahawks, that’s already quite a challenging slate... not to mention the Browns and Green Bay who creep up later on.

Luckily, there’s some softer weeks against Detroit, Carolina, Houston and Jacksonville to take some of the edge off. I think this is a team that could be playing in the NFC championship game, but a lot has to break right.

Best case scenario is 13-4, worst case scenario 8-9.

Seattle Seahawks:

seattle seahawks predictions

Looks like Russel Wilson is staying put for now, which means we can dial in 12 wins and a hasty playoff exit for the Seattle faithful. I’m joking, but only slightly. We all know Pete Carroll can coach, but it always seems like he comes up a dollar short and a day late, ever since Malcolm Butler picked off that infamous pass (instead of just RUNNING IT IN with Marshawn Lynch, but I digress...)

What can change this year?

Well, when D.K. isn’t off pretending to be Usain Bolt, he’s a pretty good receiver, and should only improve in his second year. For some reason though, and I’m not trying to jinx it, but his style of play and tendency towards frustration on “off days” seems to make him try too hard, which I predict will sideline him with an injury for a decent part of the season. And even if I’m wrong, what else does Seattle have on offense? Yeah, the cupboard’s looking a little thin. Solid, but thin...

Best case scenario 12-5, worst case scenario 9-8.

Los Angeles Rams:

los angeles rams

With Stafford in town, it seems like the Rams might have another crack at a post-season run, and nobody deserves it more than Matt, after slogging it out in Detroit for over a decade. Under the L.A. sun, it’s easy to imagine this team emerging as the “cream of the crop” in what is already spoken of as the most impressive division in the NFL.

Now remember they have Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on the other side of the ball. With all that being said, the schedule will still be daunting and I could possibly even see this team going 0-3, if Indy and Chicago get off to fast starts... Sean McVay will have to show why he’s the man, if they hope to escape that initial rough patch.

It’s a manageable feat for a coach who once held Bill Belichick’s Patriots to single digits for almost an entire Superbowl and the schedule eases up slightly towards the end of year, but I fear a slight regression from this squad, despite the new quarterback’s arrival.

Best case scenario is 11-6, worst case scenario is 10-7

San Fransisco 49ers:

49ers predcition

As one of the teams that chose a passer in the first round of this year’s draft, it appears as if the 49ers are already thinking of moving off of Jimmy G... yet I expect him to start the season and fare better than expected.

The injury narrative is overblown in a league that protects the passer more and more, and assuming Shanahan plays him on opening Sunday, it will be in the interest of winning (obviously). That means that he will have prepared his players and signal caller in ways that keep Jimmy out of harm’s way and maximizes his success.

People always forget that rookie passers just aren’t ready for the NFL’s speed and size, no matter their collegiate career. Hell, Rodgers famously sat for 3 years... All this to say that I don’t imagine will be seeing much of their first-round selection this year, but Garoppolo will help this team get where it needs to be, thanks to Kittle and Aiyuk. You heard it here first!

Expect a best case scenario of 13-4, and a worst case scenario of 9-8

nfl schedule

Stay Tuned For Next Week!

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