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Super Bowl LVI MVP Betting Guide

You’ve seen all of the betting guides that have analyzed the spreads, moneylines, and props to death - but if you don’t yet have your Super Bowl LVI betting picks made yet, then check out our latest Bengals vs Rams betting tip.

For the purposes of this article though, we’ll be looking at something a little different. We’ve checked out the Super Bowl LVI Awards betting lines with BetMGM to make our picks for the Super Bowl MVP 2022. 

Stafford vs Burrow - The QB MVP H2H

Odds: Stafford +135 | Burrow +225

Matthew Stafford is both the logical and fairytale choice here, as his performances this season, particularly in the playoffs, have been off the scale. Stafford has thrown six TD passes throughout the playoffs and only one interception. He’s also thrown a total of 909 passing yards during the playoffs. 

At the age of 34, and having what some would call “wasted away” most of his career at the Lions, this is surely the biggest shot Stafford will get.

Burrow on the other hand is seen as more of a cog in a well-oiled machine for the Bengals, and it would be fair to say that they have the ability to win games without him being a standout performer. When you stack Burrow up against Stafford based on playoff stats alone, he falls someway short, having thrown fewer yards, fewer TDs, and more interceptions. 

With all that being said though, there is an argument for Burrows' consistency across the season being better than Stafford’s. While Stafford has reached much higher peaks in terms of stats than Burrows, he’s also fallen into some deeper troughs - most notably against Vikes on December 26, when he ended the game with a rating of under 50%. 

However, the Super Bowl MVP is a one-game thing, so we still like to look at Stafford to win at odds of +135 with BetMGM, which is a pretty good number for a favorite.

Stafford vs Burrow - 2021/22 NFL Season Stats

Stafford -  CMP%: 67.7 | YDS: 4,886  | TD: 41 | INT: 17 

Burrow -  CMP%: 70.4 | YDS: 4,611  | TD: 34 | INT: 13

Could we see a non-QB Super Bowl MVP winner?

Odds: Quarterback -350 | Any other position +260

The bookies don’t seem to like the look of a non-QB MVP and history does, of course, back them up. Four of the last five Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks, with two of those quarterbacks being Tom Brady. 

However, the most recent non-QB Super Bowl MVP winner was the Patriots’ wider receiver, Julian Edelman, at Super Bowl LIII. And it’s a wider receiver that we’re looking at for our outside bet for Super Bowl LVI MVP. 

Cooper Kupp of the Rams has been an impressive wide receiver this season, having received 145 passes and scored 16 touchdowns, with 13.4 rushing yards and 1,947 receiving yards. His stats, while impressive, perhaps don’t quite back up just how impressive he looks on the field. 

If you’re looking for an outside bet, you can back Kupp for MVP at odds of +600 with BetMGM.

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