NBA Question of the Day: Who Wins Rookie of the Year, Anthony Davis or the Field?

The NBA kicks off their 2012-13 season this week as basketball fans across the land rejoice for a variety of reasons. Some are happy to see their favorite teams come back and try to make another title run. Others are just in need of a break from their terrible pro or college football teams that they love. Either way, the game on the hardwood is coming back into our lives, and here at TSFJ, we're opening up our five-part series with a "Question of the Day."

First up, the rookies. Who do you take to win Rookie of the Year: Anthony Davis or the field? Our debaters will be Joe Simmons of Raleigh, North Carolina and The Rev of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Joe Simmons: The Field

There aren't many people who have left college basketball with as much anticipation as Anthony Davis. Davis was the treasure of this year's draft class, and everyone in the lottery was hoping to cash in and get better. In most cases when a guy leaves college with this much hype, Rookie of the Year is almost a certain. In fact, many would argue that the Rookie of the Year trophy is his to lose. I, on the other hand, beg to differ. Everyone is quick to tell you what Davis can do. I'm here to tell you what he can't. Before you get defensive and start throwing wild punches my way, hear me out as I explain to you why.

First of all, let me say that Davis is a talent, and he can rebound and block shots with the best of them. However, he is a offensive liability. He lacks the ability to knock down a mid-range jump shot with any consistency, and his back-to-the-basket game is lacking. To be honest, his game is boring. That doesn't mean he isn't effective, but without big offensive numbers, no one is going to be paying much attention in a league that is about showcasing athleticism and power. Honestly, the only way he will score on a consistent basis is on fast break opportunities and offensive putbacks. He may have the occasional big game, but if you can't score consistently in the NBA, you can forget about winning any accolades.

Anthony Davis was a tremendous college talent, but his skill set and strength has a long way to go to be a regular contributor in the NBA. I would consider the Rookie of the Year being a guy who will get volume shots and have a chance to put up numbers across the board. When I think of guys in that situation, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Thomas Robinson both come to mind. Both are explosive, and both will get more shots because they will be playing on teams that are challenged at their positions and have the talent to put up big numbers. Damian Lillard is another guy who will have more of an opportunity to make a big impact for his team as an immediate starter and playmaker. I am not knocking the talent of Davis. I am just of the opinion that the field is as deep as Little Kim, so I'm not going to hand him the award right away.

The Rev: Anthony Davis

I'll concede that Anthony Davis won't have the type of offensive numbers that typically come with Rookie of the Year winners, especially playing on a team with talented scorers and playmakers like Eric Gordon, fellow rookie Austin Rivers, and a shooter like Ryan Anderson. However, Anthony Davis will win the Rookie of the Year regardless for one simple reason: No other rookie will affect the approach of opponents more than Davis.

You see, the simple presence of Davis on the floor alters the attack of every team the Hornets will face. His defensive ability to block shots both in the paint and out at the three-point line will force NBA opponents to game-plan around Davis each and every moment he's on the floor. If you can't take him away from the hoop, forget consistently getting to the rim. And even if you do, he has the footwork and athletic ability to cover ground no matter where he's at.

You see, Davis has that one elite skill that can alter each and every game, something no one else in this rookie class has at the moment. That's why Anthony Davis was the number one overall pick, and that's why Anthony Davis will win the Rookie of the Year.

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