Here's Your 2013 NBA Playoff Schedule, Try To Keep Up

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In my mind, we’re set up for one of the greatest NBA playoff seasons in quite some time. Granted, one can say that every year, but I can’t remember the last time I was THIS excited for so many different playoff matches, in the first round.

With the schedules already out on various sites, there’s going to be plenty of “don’t text me between these hours because I’m likely going to be watching the game.” Other sites have already listed week’s worth of games for the post-season. I tried looking up the games so I could make sure I didn’t miss the ones I’ve been really anticipating (like the Golden State/Denver matchup) but I found navigating the matchups between multiple teams a bit...confusing.

I’ve created a different list. Every sports site I’ve seen has had the playoffs broken down by matchup. Scheduling to watch more than one game on a particular day, however, gave me a bit of a headache. I created this list for people who wanted to know the exact times, channels, and days their favorite matchup will be playing.

I’ll keep it updated as series change/add games for the entire first round.


Saturday 4/20

Celtics v. Knicks 3p - ABC

Warriors v. Nuggets 5:30p - ESPN

Nets v. Bulls 8p - ESPN

Clippers v. Grizzlies 10:30p - ESPN 

Sunday 4/21

Pacers v. Hawks 1p - TNT

Lakers v. Spurs 3:30p - ABC

Heat v. Bucks 7p - TNT

Thunder v. Rockets 9:30 - TNT

Monday 4/22

Nets v. Bulls 8p - TNT

Clippers v. Grizzlies 10:30p - TNT

Tuesday 4/23

Heat v. Bucks 7:30p - NBATV

Celtics v. Knicks 8p - TNT

Warriors v. Nuggets 10:30p - TNT

Wednesday 4/24

Thunder v. Rockets 7p - TNT

Pacers v. Hawks 7:30p - NBATV

Lakers v. Spurs 9:30p - TNT

Thursday 4/25

Heat v. Bucks 7p - TNT

Nets v. Bulls 8:30p - NBATV

Clippers v. Grizzlies 9:30p - TNT

Friday 4/26

Knicks v. Celtics 8p - ESPN

Lakers v. Spurs 10:30p - ESPN

Nuggets v. Warriors 10:30p - ESPN 2

Saturday 4/27

Nets v. Bulls 2p - TNT

Clippers v. Grizzlies 4:30p - TNT

Pacer v. Hawks 7p - ESPN

Thunder v. Rockets 9:30p - ESPN/R

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