Podcast: Don't Let Derrick Rose Eye-Ball Your Chick In The 6th Grade

derrick rose mad ?

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, we're fortunate to have special guests Sherm from Chicago's WGCI show The Morning Riot and 17-time All-Raphael De La Ghetto nominee Johnathan "Till Show" Tillman, join the crew for shenanigans and tomfoolery. Did you ever think you'd meet someone who has a legitimate grudge with Derrick Rose, even if he may have supposedly dunked on him? You will tonight with Sherm. Here are the highlights of the show:

  • Recapping Louisville vs. Michigan (:05) - From Louisville bringing home their third NCAA championship, to Trey Burke proving to everyone that he is indeed the best player in the world, to the semi-reunion of the Fab Five. We reflect on one of the more memorable championship games in tournament history.
  • Don't Let Your Chick Get Eye-Balled By Derrick Rose (:17) - Sherm finally gets on the air with the crew and begins telling his story about being an 8th grader and dunking on a 6th grade version of Derrick Rose. Then he admits that Derrick was taller than him and also that Derrick was trying to get at his chick too. Plus, there's a ton of D-Rose slander being thrown around just for a cherry on top.
  • A Conversation About Melo (:35) - The homie Till Show rolls through #theUCshow to talk about his beloved New York Knicks and the roll that Carmelo Anthony is on right now. Is Carmelo the best scorer in the NBA? What about his MVP candidacy? We discuss.
  • Ed Steps Into The Angry Corner (:56) - This is all the Los Angeles Bleeping Lakers fault.

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