NBA Question Of The Day: Should Derrick Rose Return During The 2012-13 Season?

In an earlier discussion this week, the homies Garfield and Whitener debated if there was a darkhorse candidate that could make a run at the 2013 NBA Finals. While the discussion lingered about the possibility of the Nuggets, Pacers, Sixers and a few other teams making an appearance in the NBA Finals, there was one team that didn't receive much of a chance.

The Chicago Bulls.

Of course, the reason they weren't given much of a chance is because their leader was lost after a jump stop went terribly wrong. Derrick Rose has been on a long run to recovery, and, one day, he will put on the Chicago Bulls jersey again, to the joy of Bulls fans and hoops fan across the world.

But when exactly should he come back?

In the week long finale of the NBA Question of the Day series, we ask a simple question of our debaters. Should Derrick Rose return to the Chicago Bulls for the 2012-13 season? Our debaters will be Alex Wong of Toronto, Ontario and Bryan Crawford of Chicago, Illinois. Let the debate begin.

It's funny how presumptions in the league changes so fast. Two years ago, the Heat were suppose to run through the Mavericks in the Finals -- not so fast. Last year, we all penciled in Miami-Chicago as the marquee Conference Finals match-up, then Rose goes down, and not even with his return, it's questionable whether his Bulls can upset the East hierarchy of Miami, Boston a distant second, and everyone else.

If he is healthy enough to return by, say, January, then I think it's worthwhile to run him out there for the remainder of the season with one caveat -- unless the team is in contention for a high lottery pick. This year should be positioning the team for beyond the 2014 season, when the only significant salaries left on the books will be Rose, Noah, Gibson and Boozer -- who is as likely an amnesty candidate as there is, provided the Bulls are willing to just pay the salary to move on.

Those are core players, which surrounded with the right mix, can be a championship contender -- one that we saw glimpses of over the last two seasons. The best move for the Bulls is to get Rose back on the court as soon as possible and start working his way back into the form that made him so great prior to injury. -- Alex Wong

What’s the point, right? The Chicago Bulls aren’t winning a championship this year, so why should Derrick Rose come back? You’ve heard this a lot with regard to D. Rose and if he should or shouldn’t try and get back on the court this year after tearing his ACL. I’m of the opinion that he shouldn’t sit for the entire season, but for arguments sake, let’s say that I’m one of those people who thinks that he should. Here’s why:

The Bulls as presently constructed are good enough to still make the playoffs without Rose. Sure, it’s going to be and up-and-down season complete with some big wins over good teams and some really bad losses to wack squads, but they’re still going to be in the race for a postseason slot, I’d say anywhere between the 5th and 8th seeds. So yeah, Derrick Rose shouldn’t come back for the 2012-13 regular season. There really is no point… He should come back for the playoffs. -- Bryan Crawford

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