deontay to clean out division

Deontay Wilder: “I Want to Clean Out the Division, Period”.

Deontay Wilder has vowed to dominate boxing’s heavyweight division, and ‘clean out’ opponents including Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr.

The Bronze Bomber lost for the first time in his professional career last year, losing the WBC heavyweight title to Tyson Fury in the process.

After a first bout that resulted in a draw, Fury was the one who came out on top in February last year, knocking Wilder out in the 7th round of the fight.

Wilder Sure he Knocked Fury Out 

In an interview with Marcus Watson, Wilder spoke about his first fight with Fury, and was certain he knocked out the British heavyweight back in 2018. He said: “I definitely knocked him out. 

“Look how many times, my referee at the time I had Jack Reiss, if you go back and look at any of his fights, he stops a lot of fights early.

“Sometimes they don’t even have to get up, they’re waving it off. When I knocked Fury out, I’ve literally seen it for myself. That’s one of the reasons why I was surprised, too, not only because of the count but I’ve seen this man’s eyes. You know when you’re having good sex and your eyes roll back into your head?

“That’s how his s*** was. But I’ve seen the veins popping out of his head and I knew he had a concussion. He was gone. That’s a wave off, period”.

No Wilder vs. Fury Trilogy

Now, the Gypsy King has set his sights on a unification bout with fellow British heavyweight Anthony Joshua, with a fight all-but-confirmed for this year.

The American was clearly unhappy with the decision to negotiate a unification clash, as Wilder felt that he was owed an immediate rematch following his dethroning. 

With no trilogy fight confirmed, Wilder continued in his interview, explaining how he has turned his attention to others in the heavyweight division.

Wilder continued: ““I’d love to fight guys I haven’t fought, you know, the ones at the top who I haven’t fought.

“That’s what I want and I know that’s kinda lame a little bit, to not name a name. But anyone I haven’t faced at the top, that’s you”.

When the Bronze Bomber was asked about AJ and Andy Ruiz Jr, he added: “Yeah. Any fighter that’s at the top that people haven’t seen me fight and people strongly want to see me fight, that’s who I want to fight.

“I can sit here and name names all day, that’s the easy part. I’m just going to go to the top and once you go to the top and it’s someone I ain’t fought, that’s who I want to fight.

“I want to clean the division out, period”.

No one can be sure of Wilder’s future, or even who he will step between the ropes with next, but the American has clearly put the heavyweight division on notice.

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