HBO: Ballers: Season 2, Episode 1, Face of The Franchise

HBO’s hit television show 'Ballers' is back for Season 2 after a strong outing in its first season. Here at TSFJ, yours truly will be providing weekly commentary on the happenings of each episode.

With that said, let's dive into what occurred in episode one.

The Dolphins and Ricky Jerret May Be No More

In wake of Ricky Jerret's 30th birthday party, he witnessed his wide receiver counterpart Alonzo Cooley receive a $12 million deal. Prior to the news breaking on that deal, Jerret, was offered a two-year deal for $12 million (with $6 million guaranteed). Instead of taking the deal, it was nixed by Ricky's agent Jason as they were looking for a deal around $30 million for 3 years. After Jerret outperformed his initial contract with the Dolphins, it was expected that the would cash in. With money being scarce, it's likely that the star wide receiver's one year in Miami may result into a rental instead of a place where he thought he could end his career. If things don't change soon, Jason will be on the phone lines shopping his Pro Bowl wide receiver to other teams that can utilize his services.

Ricky Knows How To Party No Matter The Circumstances

Despite receiving bad news about his teammate cashing in on a new deal that should have been a portion of his, the flamboyant wide receiver took out his frustrations by popping bottles, hanging with beautiful women, and having a damn good time. Although his days may be numbered in the 305, he will look to make the most of it while being there.

Suggs and Strasmore Become Frenemies

Terrell Suggs and Spencer Strasmore went toe-to-toe verbally and physically on Jay Glazer's show 'Glazed and Confused'. Even though, a few 'People's Elbows' were thrown, the two gargantuan linebackers sort of hashed out their beef at Ricky's birthday party. In attempt to alter his conduct towards Suggs, Strasmore apologized for what happened on the show. As Strasmore’s partner Joe was vexed about the possibility of Round 2 of Suggs vs. Strasmore, his partner did the total opposite in a ploy to try to lure him from the competition. Who said differences can’t be hashed over good music and alcoholic beverages? Well, sort of.

There Is New Competition In Town

While Anderson Sports Management look as if it’s about to reach the zenith of athlete management in South Beach, Andre Allen resurfaces at the opening of Ndamukong Suh’s restaurant Suh Casa. While the who's who in Miami were eating Sea Bass and drinking Mojito's, Spencer was focused on a former foe of his. Despite Allen’s appearance being brief, it clearly rattled Spencer. His past history with Allen brought back bitter memories as he was his shady financial advisor during his playing days, which resulted him into losing millions of dollars. Now that they are in the same field, can Spencer one-up his former financial advisor?

The Football Code of Ethics Can Cost ASM Business

Football is a gladiator sport, and Mr. Strasmore knows all too well of the physical element of the sport. Despite the fact that he struggles with pain management as he crushes pills as if they were Skittles, he can’t be the root cause of the melees in a public setting. Even though Spencer apologized to Suggs, Mr. Anderson, (the founder of ASM) is upset about how his companies' appointed leader is going about business. In Mr. Anderson’s words, “This football code of ethics of yours is costing me business”. Spencer has to take into consideration to what’s being said because the boss’s fears that players will not sign with the agency due to the public scrutiny and humiliation they have faced in just a short time.

If you missed Season 1, don’t fret, for there is ample time to catch up with the popular series. Season 2 is only one episode in, so you can start binge watching now.

I’ll see you next week.

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