The Warriors Should Sign Baron Davis

The following is a very official, very scientific experiment in which we decide whether the Golden State Warriors should sign Baron Davis for the 2016-17 season.

Question: Should the Golden State Warriors sign Baron Davis?

Research: Davis spent a little over three of his 13 NBA seasons in Golden State. He was a fan favorite and the leader of the famous "We Believe" team that upset the top-seeded, 67-win Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the 2006-2007 NBA playoffs. The Warriors need a veteran at an inexpensive price tag to help fill their roster. Baron Davis is a veteran. Baron Davis is inexpensive.

Hypothesis: The Golden State Warriors should sign Baron Davis.


Analysis: "I was in my dorm in college. It was the last day before everyone had to be moved out so the whole hall was just me and a few friends. We had a shit load of beer left over from the year and drank all of that shit during the game. When Boom Dizzle threw down that dunk, our building exploded. Like, it no longer exists. Top 3 nights of my life.

"We had a few dudes from the bay in the building. This happened around the peak of the hyphy era. After the dunk, the camera went to adonal foyle, who had the meanest thizz face and the bay area dudes lost their f---ing minds lmfao." - Phillip Q. Barnett, MD*.

Conclusion: The Golden State Warriors should sign Baron Davis.


*Phillip is not actually a doctor.

[Editor's note: Phillip Q. Barnett, MD may or may not be the doctor of love. Phillip is the editor.]

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