HBO’s ‘Ballers’: Season 2, Episode 5, ‘Most Guys'

In Episode 5 of "Ballers," Ricky bumps into his ex-girlfriend, and it sparks up an interesting conversation about his impending free agency. Spencer is close to "rock bottom" (get it), and things aren't looking good for him in any aspect. Charles channeled his inner Keyshawn Johnson when he yelled at his neighborhood's equivalent to Justin Bieber, and Travis Mack receives a slice of humble pie. Last but not least, there were two songs in the episode that featured the great Future Hendrix, and whenever Future is blaring out of the speakers, something good happens.

Find out more of what happened in episode 5.

What The Hell Is Going On With Spencer?

Spencer is having a meltdown right in front of our eyes. By now, everyone except for Spencer is a pill addict to him. But what really stood out in this episode is his relationship with his partner Joe and how it could be deteriorating as Spencer gradually is. He shockingly howled at his partner about the status of his registration as a financial adviser with the NFLPA. In Joe’s defense, he was just trying to make sure that they are doing things the right way, but Spencer became irate about the issue. Spencer’s anger likely stemmed from not having any pills at his expense.

To no surprise, his continued addiction of pain pills is becoming worrisome. In last week’s episode, he stole Vernon’s pills, and he is already in need of more pain meds. After being turned down by his doctor for additional medication, he visited a corrupt doctor and received the pills under a different name.

On the business and personal side of things, Spencer is having trouble landing big-name clients and on the verge of losing his girlfriend Tracy, who may be headed to Bristol to work for ESPN. It’s only a matter of time until Spencer has a breakdown, and it could have a domino effect on his business and personal life, which does not bode well for his clients as he attempts to build his reputation as a financial adviser.

Bella Is Back

The ex-girlfriend of star WR Ricky Jerret made a pop-up appearance. She bumped into Ricky at a fashion show, and while at the fashion show, she looked as if she has been the drinking the purest of H2O from Lake Minnetonka. As expected, Ricky looked stunned but excited to see his ex-boo.

Despite the fact that thoughts of wondering why he cheated on her, he attempted to keep his composure around her. Though Bella isn’t involved with Ricky, she’s an avid football fan and is aware of his current free agent status (and even went as far as to make him a key part of her fantasy football championship from last year). With Ricky being in limbo about where his next destination should be, Bella offered her former man some advice about what his next step should be.

Ricky’s Advice Helped Charles

After being cut by the Miami Dolphins, Charles is back at a crossroads. While spending time at home with his wife Julie is awesome, Charles is still stuck in limbo on what to do next. After talking to his buddy Ricky, he advises the lineman to stick it to to his former boss Seifert and tell him how he really feels about being let go.

At first, Charles had his doubts, but he mustered enough courage to take the anti-Charles route, and it worked. Charles lashed out at Seifert, and Seifert came away impressed. The impromptu meeting opened up a new opportunity for the soon-to-be retired lineman. Seifert, who has always been impressed with Charles’ intelligence, asks him to work in the Dolphins front office with him.

While Charles receives the news, he is shocked and excited at the same damn time. The feeling of still being around the game of football is exciting, and he doesn’t have to go back to selling trucks at the local car dealership. Who would have thought advice from Ricky would have been beneficial?

Travis Mack And Spencer Form A Weird Bond

Travis Mack is a d-bag, Spencer is a d-bag and therefore they have a lot in common. The two often clash, but after Mack was embarrassed in the weight room, he starts to open up to Spencer. Although Mack has yet to play a NFL down, Spencer sees a lot of himself in him, and he wants to help guide his career.

The two need each other in the worst way. Spencer needs to land Mack as a client to keep ASM afloat, and Mack needs some guidance from someone who knows the ropes — even though Spencer is the MC Hammer of financial of advisers, as is seen in a potentially season-turning moment in a meeting between Spencer and an unexpected representative from the NFLPA front office.

Business is picking up midway through the "Ballers" season, and we should be seeing some major moments coming up soon. We'll be back next week; see you then.

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