HBO's 'Ballers': Season 2, Episode 2, 'Enter The Temple'

Before we dive into what happened in Episode 2 of this season's "Ballers," I have a question. Am I the only one who feels like it is a disservice that Rick Ross doesn't have the opening song for the Miami-based show? Maybe, maybe not. (Sorry, Lil' Wayne.)

Now that I got that off my chest, let's discuss the happenings of Episode 2 of "Ballers." Episode 1 gave us a lot to wonder about for the future of ASM, Spencer Strasmore and Ricky Jerret. In last night's episode, the questions continue to loom. Will ASM continue to make its way to being a juggernaut in the sports management industry? Where will Ricky play next? Will Reggie and Vernon eventually split? What's next for Charles? Let's find out!

No Pills, Mo' Problems

Like many former professional athletes, Spencer Strasmore is having a hard time coping with issues with pain management. This seems to be a common thing for retired football players, and Strasmore is the latest casualty of the pain pill epidemic. For some, the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup, but for Strasmore it's Vicodin. After a trip to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, a red flag was raised as Dr. Robbins was notified about Mr. Strasmore's most recent trip to the pharmacy.

After being called into the doctor's office, he discusses the possibilities of receiving yet another refill. In the meeting with the doc, he was enlightened about long-term and short-term effects that the abuse of pills can cause on his body. During the course of Pill Popping 101, Strasmore used a combination of charm and deceitfulness to get what he wanted. He was given a prescription for 20 pills as an agreement for him to take a full physical examination within 10 days. The deal sounds fair, but it's hard to believe that Spencer will follow through as he appears to be on a dreaded path to addiction.

T-Sizzle To ASM?

There is no such thing is too much Terrell Suggs. In Episode 1, Spencer and Suggs went from fighting to making a quasi deal to discuss a future partnership. In Episode 2, Strasmore is attempting to lure in the big fish by landing T-Sizzle with Anderson Sports Management. Suggs feels as if Andre has lost faith in him, and Spencer is using his knowledge of Andre against him.

When thinking about his money, Suggs has concerns about where his is going. Outside of having money stashed in a wall, the NFL star is unaware of his financial stability. As expected, Joe and Spencer meet with Sizzle to sway him to join their team. While it seems as if T-Sizzle is down with ASM, it won't be easy to steal him from the sly, intelligent Andre Allen.

'Show Me The Money!': Reggie Wants To Get Paid

The character that we all love to hate, Reggie, is the destructive cousin of NFL rising star Vernon Littlefield. It appears that things are going well with his large deal, but while life is grand for Littlefield, Reggie is a little fed up. Ironically, he voices his displeasure and unappreciation in a meeting with ASM, the agency he gave hell to over the course of Season 1. Of course, Reggie doesn't have a real job, but he wants to get paid for his role as the head of the Littlefield entourage.

As Reggie told it, he does a lot for his cousin, but he's is just a leech on his millionaire family. Reggie consulted with Joe Krutel to see what his worth should be for his services. In a nice but blunt way, Joe noted, "If I could pay less than nothing, I'd pay you that."

After Reggie was slightly disrespected, the two came to a happy medium after a sensible conversation. The usually off-putting Reggie showed a different side and expressed that he wanted to gain independence and obtain his own checking account without having to be a thorn in Vernon's side. The two discuss a sufficient amount, but it's up to Vernon on if he will write the checks.

What's Next For Ricky Jerret?

Now that Ricky is fully aware that his days are over in Miami, he is looking for a new NFL home. Let's take a look at his options:

  • Denver: The sticky icky icky is legal, but Ricky doesn't smoke.
  • New England: Zero tolerance is a no-go.
  • San Diego: Mo' women, mo' problems.
  • Buffalo: Maybe
  • New Orleans: Maaaaaaybe

The free agent wide receiver expressed his displeasure about playing in Denver, New England and San Diego. From his issues with women to the lack of culture, Jerret nixed the idea of playing in the previously mentioned cities. Being the type of guy that Ricky is, it'll be hard to see him land in Buffalo, but the team offers just enough to make the choice intriguing. While Buffalo is on the back burner, New Orleans may be the front-runner. With Cajun crawfish, beignets, jazz music and a great quarterback, he'll have a hard time turning down New Orleans. Ricky's agent, Jason, has worked magic before, and it appears he is in line for another act that would make David Blaine smile.

Charles Feels Underappreciated

The gentle giant, Charles Greane, appears to be at a crossroads yet again. The former star left tackle has been asked to move to right tackle as the team attempts to help add youth on the left side of the line. Coach gives Charles an option of switching his position or going back home. With his love for the game still present, Charles will likely bite the bullet to go to the right side, though he feels that it's a slap in the face. Why do the good guys always finish last?

There are a lot of questions going forward to Episode 3, and things are starting to get interesting.

We'll see you next week.

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