HBO’s ‘Ballers’: Season 2, Episode 6, ‘Saturdaze'

To be honest, episode 6 of "Ballers" was a snooze fest. The episode was easily the most uneventful compared to previous episodes. Outside of Ricky relaxing with two beautiful women in his pool, episode 6 didn't demonstrate the life of an NFL baller. The drama was held to a minimum as there were not enough fights, parties, beautiful women, and surprisingly, Spencer didn't pop any pills. With that said, let’s dive into what happened.

Andre Tries To Swindle Joe Into Joining His Team

It was only a matter of time before Andre Allen attempted to lure Joe from ASM, and in this episode it took place. The Miami big-shot covertly invited Joe to a party to hang with some of South Beach’s finest. In the process, Andre made a move in trying to land Joe and keep him from his former nemesis, Spencer Strasmore. And to no surprise, Joe nixed Andre’s offer, despite the fact that he was offered an annual salary of half a million dollars.

Keep Your Family Off Social Media

It seems like when family members get a hold of social media nothing good happens. We’ve seen this happen with Marcus Vick, Connor Cook’s father, as well as other family members of professional athletes. Being outspoken is not cool when you aren’t the person paying the bills. The latest example of needing to keep your family in check goes to the father of Ricky Jerret, former NFL player Dennis Jerret. With the father of the Pro Bowler upset about his son’s free agency carousel, he tweeted “To hell with New Orleans! My boy got a better offer from Buffalo.”

In response to the tweet, New Orleans rescinded the offer, meaning that Ricky’s chance at eating beignets, catching passes from Drew Brees, and living the Jet Life with New Orleans-bred rapper Curren$y is N.O. more.

Charles Greane’s First Day On The Job Was A Tough One

The newest member of the Miami Dolphins front office was placed in an awkward position on his first day in the office. Greane had to break the news to newly acquired Nick Kovak that he would be cut from the team. Kovak, who was hosting a birthday party for his daughter, acted out by throwing furniture in the swimming pool area. However, Charles used his calm demeanor and gentle words to bond with Kovak, and it helped to restore his confidence. While the task seemed impossible to do, Charles displayed that he could handle the cut-throat aspect of the NFL. It was tough at first for Charles to speak on the issue, but after he spoke with Kovak it worked well for both parties.

Travis Mack Impresses

In an attempt to improve his draft stock, the aloof, but talented Travis Mack is trying to pull out all stops to improve his image after missing the NFL Combine. While there were no private meetings with teams, there was a display held off the books that mattered just as much. The meeting wasn’t a typical one a draft prospect would normally have, but that’s not a surprise when being represented by ASM.

The fellas met over fishing and brews, and during the outing, three-time Super Bowl champ Mark Schlereth was in attendance. Schlereth, who also doubles as a sports analyst, had negative things to say about the linebacker out of Florida State due to him missing the combine. In a way that only Spencer would do things, he attempted to convince his pal that Mack is capable of being drafted higher than what he is projected to be. For the first time in what it feels like forever, Spencer was right. And Travis impressed Schlereth by running a 4.58 forty-yard dash. Not a bad time for a guy wearing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin jean shorts jorts during his impromptu workout.

I never thought I would miss the shenanigans displayed by Vernon and Reggie, but in this episode, their charisma was missed. Despite a slow episode, some major moments should be coming soon. We’ll be back next week; see you then.

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