HBO's Ballers: Season 2, Episode 7, 'Everybody Knows'

Episode 7 of "Ballers" should have been titled, The Fall of Spencer Strasmore. On top of Spencer’s downfall, Andre Allen is attempting to make a deal with Anderson Sports Management.

To no surprise, Ricky is faced with a tough decision in free agency. As seen in last week’s episode, our favorite TV cousin, Reggie, was missing in action as well as his gullible sidekick Vernon.

Unlike last week, there was a bit more excitement in episode 7. With that said, let’s dive into what happened.

Joe is Suspicious of Spencer

In a meeting with evil-doer Andre Allen, Joe learns that Spencer lost millions of dollars while playing in the NFL. Joe also discovers that his partner, Spencer has a pill addiction. In Joe's dealings with Spence, he's on edge, and Spencer appears shocked by Joe's demeanor. After confronting Strasmore about the pill addiction, things got dicey while they were relaxing in the sauna. Even though the incident didn’t result into a shellacking or a People’s Elbow, the rift between Joe and Spencer continues to widen.

Charles Greane Is One Charming S.O.B.

In Charles' new position as a front office executive for the Dolphins, he is transitioning well. While feeling comfortable in his new role, Greane met with Seifert about bringing Ricky Jerret back to the team. In surprising fashion, Seifert wasn’t against the idea. The two sides agreed someone would have to take a pay cut in order to bring Ricky back. Shockingly, Charles met with the Alonzo.

Alonzo and Ricky hate each other. I mean, HATE each other. Ricky slept with Alonzo's mom and got him arrested. Although Alonzo wasn’t thrilled about meeting with Charles about restructuring his new deal, he convinced him to agree.

Can Ricky Make a Decision?

As Ricky received news that Miami would offer him $27 million over three years, he got a call from his agent Jason stating that the Rams wanted to offer him a deal totaling $36 million. Just when it appeared that Ricky was going to remain in South Beach, he has to ponder over another offer.

For Ricky’s sake, it's best for him to leave South Beach. With Spencer no longer with ASM and his dad, Dennis milking him for money, a fresh start is needed for the Pro Bowl wideout. Los Angeles has the scenery that Miami offers,and it's certain his crony TTD can find several women to make the easy transition.

What’s Next For Spencer?

After the NFLPA decided that Spencer was not qualified to be a financial adviser, Mr. Anderson gave him the pink slip. Now that Spencer is no longer with ASM, he can take his expertise to an NFL front office or he can open a gym. With muscles bulging out of his neck, people are will be inclined to listen to him for fitness tips instead of assistance about money management or anything football-related. Despite losing the position within the company, Spencer will find his footing sooner rather than later, due to his strong work ethic.

Things are starting to heat up as the season progresses. We’ll be back next week, so see you then.

Shout out to Mac Dre, Trick Daddy, and Beanie Sigel.

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