HBO's Ballers: Season 2, Episode 8, 'Laying In The Weeds'

After a week hiatus, Ballers is back, right on time with the start of the NFL season. As the show nears the end with just two episodes left, there is a lot of juicy story lines left in season 2. Tracy and Spencer appear to be no more, Joe tries to make things work with Spencer despite the weird circumstances, and Travis Mach looks to bring his Southern hospitality to an East Coast city.

Let's look at what occurred in Episode 8.

Spencer Is All Over The Place

Episode 8 started off hopeless for Spencer as his on-and-off girlfriend, Tracy, moved to Bristol to work for ESPN. With no job, no money, and no pills, all Spencer has is his Range Rover and celebrity status. Just when you have an ounce of sympathy for him, he does something to remind you that he is an idiot.

Knowing he’s teetering at rock bottom levels (get it?), Spencer reaches out to his former client, Ricky Jerret for a loan to start up his own agency. It sounds like a great idea, but, how is a financial adviser asking HIS client for $12 million for start-up funds? I knew Spencer was terrible with anything money-related, but with the latest course of events, he has supplanted MC Hammer as the worst money manager of all-time.

In surprising fashion, Ricky fetched $5 million to his crony, which will likely bite him in the rear in the end. Spencer can barely manage $5 let alone to have access to money with six zeros behind it. As we all know, Spencer blew $30 million from his playing days, now he has a chance to lose someone else's money.

Ricky and Charles Disagree

The best way to have a meeting is over drinks, right? Maybe, but in this case, it didn’t bode well for Ricky and “The Black Swan” Charles Greane. Charles, now a member of the Miami Dolphins front office is livid that Ricky is continuing to be hesitant about signing to Miami. Greane feels that he put his reputation on the line, and Ricky is acting in a manner that is all too familiar with wide receivers, and that’s being selfish. Ricky has stability in Miami and has his long-lost father in his life, but the Los Angeles Rams are offering a Brinks truck full of cash.

In Ricky’s defense, I understand the struggle wanting to leave South Beach. It’s hard to pass up a great meal at Big Pink and a world-class shoulder rub at Tootsie's Cabaret, but it’s also hard leaving $36 million on the table.

Travis Mach Lands in Baltimore, Thanks To Terrell Suggs

The millennial version of Brian Bosworth, Travis Mach is applying the pressure on Spencer and ASM about his NFL Draft status. On draft day, as he’s sharply dressed, he is on pins and needles about where he lands. As he watched Mark Schlereth state that he could fall into the second round, his stress levels are Snoop Lion-high. With well-known off-the-field issues, teams are leery of Mach because of his high probability of him becoming a reality star rather than being a Pro Bowler. In a surprise turn of events, Spencer reaches out to former nemesis, Terrell Suggs, and he called in a favor to GM Ozzie Newsome, and Mach was selected sixth in the NFL Draft to the Baltimore Ravens.

Surprise, Surprise

As Suggs was channeling his inner Dame Dash circa 2001 with bottles poppin’, he mistakably announced that Spencer was fired from ASM. With the crowd puzzled by the outburst, it will be interesting how things will turn out for the former financial adviser. With several of his clients in attendance, it was an embarrassing moment, as they were surprised to learn about the news at a time of celebration.

Things are starting to heat up we enter the home stretch of Season 2. We’ll be back next week, so see you then.

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