The Kaepernick Rankings: Because The 49ers Tried To Sell The Brian Hoyer Jig For Six Weeks

For those who have not been paying attention, Colin Kaepernick filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, stating that team owners refused to sign him because of his protest to bring awareness about the social injustices and police brutality against brown and black people. The collusion case will be difficult to prove, but let’s hope the court system uses our weekly Kaepernick Rankings to illustrate that it is a clear sign that Kap is being blackballed from the league. After all, his 2016 passer rating of 90.7 is better than 17 starting quarterbacks through Week 6 of this season.

Even before the grievance, the chances were slim for Kap to land on a roster, but after the collusion case, he will stay in the unemployment line. Simply put, the artist formerly known as No. 7 will never throw an NFL pass again. In a time where his skills could be used in a starting role or as a backup, he remains absent from the NFL—and that’s a travesty.

That said, let’s look at Week 6 of the Kaepernick Rankings.

The Player: Brian Hoyer, San Francisco 49ers
The Box Score: 4/11, 34 Yards, 6.5 QBR

Hopefully you didn't fall for the jig that is Brian Hoyer. (Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Brian Hoyer had a few solid outings this season, but he returned to his usual self against the Washington Racial Slurs. His 3.1 yards per pass would make former 49er great Jim Druckenmiller proud and his affinity for not moving the ball put him on the bench. In relief duty, rookie C.J Beathard picked up where he left off in the preseason and led the 49ers to 24 points after facing a 14-0 deficit. As of now, it appears that the Hoyer jig has ran its course. Now with Beathard in the fold, the 49ers' chances of winning their first game have increased with an upgrade at quarterback.

The Player: Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers
The Box Score: 18/33, 157 Yards, 1TD, 3 INTs, 9.5 QBR

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Mr. Hundley had the best job in the world prior to this Sunday. Being Aaron Rodgers' backup, it’s certain that you are never going to play, but you get to learn from an all-time great and get paid pretty well while doing so. The inevitable happened and Rodgers broke his collarbone, which meant Hundley had to play meaningful snaps.

As you might expect, he didn’t play well and the blemishes that Rodgers hid so well were out in front without the MVP. The jury is still out on Hundley if he can play or not, and he will have ample opportunities to do so. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is all in on Hundley and now-backup Joe Callahan, a product from Division III school Wesley College (Delaware) who’s yet to throw an NFL pass. It would make perfect sense to sign Kaepernick, a Wisconsin native, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

The Player: Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens
The Box Score: 24/41, 180 Yards, 2 INTs, 14.9 QBR

Photo Credit: Reddit
That moment when Ravens fans realize Joe Flacco is still their QB.

Here's what the great Senator Clay Davis (from The Wire) would say in reference to Flacco:

Joe Flacco? Quarterback? In my city? SHEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIT.

That said, it may be time for the Ravens to pull the plug on the Flacco experience in B-More.

The Player: Kevin Hogan, Cleveland Browns
The Box Score: 20/37, 140 Yards, 1TD, 3 INTs, 8.6 QBR

This isn't Stanford, bruh. (SB Nation)

Did Hue Jackson really think Kevin Hogan would give the Browns a chance to beat the Houston Texans? I know Deshone Kizer had a lot of lumps, but at least there were a few splash plays that indicated he could be a starting quarterback. In Hogan’s case, he played decent in spot duty, but when a team has time to prepare for you, it’s a totally different story and to no surprise, the Texans made him look like a No. 3 quarterback.

Yet again, the Browns are still in need of a competent quarterback. Just make it easy and listen to our own Beverly Gooden and bring Kap to the home of Open Pitt BBQ and DJ Steph Floss.


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