Letters From The Faithful: Frank Gore Runs To Philly

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By Johnathan Tillman / @thetillshow and Mark Trible / @mtrible

If you aren't aware or active in the TwitterSphere, I've coined the phrase, "Frank Gore is for the people," over the past few years. With deep sadness (seriously), it appears I won't be saying that with him in a 49ers uniform. So, I decided to write a letter to Eagles fans. Seeing as though I can count on one hand how many Eagles fans I'd care to converse with, my options are limited. I would have written this to The Reverend, but he's Worldwide Rev now. Besides, Mark Trible is, well, Mark Trible.

Dear Mark Trible:

I'm writing you this letter because in a realm of the seemingly insane, you are a beacon of...less than insane. You are an Eagles fan. It appears your favorite NFL team will be signing a player that used to be a player for my favorite NFL team: running back Frank Gore.

The franchise isn't just signing a player. It isn't even just signing an accomplished player. The Philadelphia Eagles are (reportedly) adding to their roster an icon. A man 5'9" in stature, but whose perfect footsteps rumbled so loudly, fissures formed between Guard, Center, and Tackle.

It hurts. This is the first time a player leaving San Francisco genuinely saddened me. I didn't feel this way when Jerry Rice wore silver and black. "Football is a business" is more medicine than cure for my aching fandom. This time, that tough pill to swallow is a placebo. So, there's no way to fool myself into feeling better. Just like the lack of run plays called the past couple years, I'm left wondering, "why?"

Is Frank Gore the best halfback in the NFL? No. Playing during both LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson's primes made acquiring that title impossible. But there isn't a workhorse I would have rather had the past decade. He was the Hope Diamond. There are more extravagant and beautiful pieces of jewelry all over, but there's something special about the way this one actualized the Power O.

So to you, Mr. Trible, and the rest of the Eagles fanbase: take care of this gem. Frank Gore is for the people. He will be missed.


Johnathan Tillman


I will always do my best to meet your standards and I'd love to say I can take care of Mr. Gore.

In actuality, it's up to him - and that's not his fault.

With the recent craziness of the Eagles' comings and goings, people are upset. They're upset McCoy is in Buffalo. They're upset Maclin is in Kansas City. They're upset McCourty chose New England.

Some are upset about the prospect of trading up for Mariota. The others are upset about the prospect of not trading up for Mariota.

Simply put, the fanbase with maybe the most passion - for better and worse - is upset. A 30-something back, whether the Father, Son or Holy Gore, isn't what they want to see in the backfield.

What I can say is from the years of watching Gore pummel opponents, he'll do all he can to satisfy those who are unsure so long as he stays healthy and has some more gas in the tank.

If he doesn't, he'll end up a dirty word in Philadelphia. If he does, he'll be our mercenary hero.

Ironically enough, the toughest part of Gore's career is going to happen in a few months, towards the end of it.

If he's for the people, I assume he'll win us all over. In the meantime, I hope you won't judge us as harshly as we judge football players.


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