Starting Lineups: Ladies First? Jennifer Welter's Futile Attempt To Run The Rock


I learned early on growing up that there was a way you played with boys and a way you play with girls. Simply because you can’t play as rough with girls (mostly because they’d run and tell). However, there were a few girls who just did not get the message, and they kept on coming over and playing with us for as long as they could. Now usually, this was just the occasional girl who would come on the basketball court and give it a run — and sometimes humble the unfortunate guy who caught the wrong one — but that's not exactly what happened last week in Texas.

Jennifer Welter took hanging in with the boys to another level when she gave it a run at becoming the first woman to play professional football of any sort at a position besides kicker. And she did not half step either. She went straight to goal-line running back for the Texas Revolution indoor football team. And what came of it was an outcome that even the immortal Bobby Boucher would cringe at.

Now running the rock is not for the faint of heart, and by all accounts Welter has a lot of that. But for what she has in heart, she sure doesn’t have in common sense, because … well … see for yourself:

Now, I’m a big fan of as many things as possible between the sexes being on an even playing field, but I think this highlight horror reel proves that the line of equality clearly stops before giving the ladies the opportunity to be the next Mike Alsott or Brandon Jacobs.

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