Starting Lineups: Are You Ready For Some NFL Football?


You've probably heard by now that the group stages of the Champions League and NHL training camps both start in the coming weeks. We'll finally get to see new acquisitions suit up for their respective new teams in both sports — Mesut Ozil as a Gunner, Tyler Seguin as a Dallas Star. The hoopla surrounding the approaching events couldn't be louder.

By next Friday we'll be fully overwhelmed by the coverage and needless debate. We can argue senselessly over whether or not Gareth Bale is worth $132 million. He's not. No one is. And then there is the omnipresent Philadelphia Flyers goaltending question. Can Steve Mason and Ray Emery erase the memory of Ilya Bryzgalov?

But no new arrival in Philly sports has come with more intrigue than Vincent Lecavalier. The long-time Tampa Bay Lightning captain joined the Flyers in the early summer. Hopefully he packed his 50-goal potential somewhere in his suitcase.

The best news coming out of hockey, though, is that Teemu Selanne has announced that he will return for a 21st season. Watch for yourself here.

Man, am I excited for soccer and hockey to really get going. And I'm sure you are to.

How did I do? Did I troll the untrollable? Welcome to NFL season, everybody. Here are some links to get you through the day in anticipation of the Broncos-Ravens kickoff. I'll throw in some non-football material to ease your burden. By next Wednesday you'll be suffocating in the smog of dissonance that is NFL coverage. Have no doubt, these links are elite.

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