Why Texas A&M and Mississippi State Will Be The Game of the Week


Choosing a game of the week is really tough this time. Not because there aren't good games, but because there are so many tough match-ups that can easily change the landscape of college football. I should have trusted my instincts and wrote this post earlier as I made a nice wager on Arizona taking down #2 Oregon and, sure enough, it came through. However, as good as that game was, there are some SEC West match-ups that have even the average sports fan planning out a way to watch all of the games and get the most out of the experience.

Texas A&M and Mississippi State are intriguing, to say the least. Both teams have potent offenses, and both teams have the ability to make big plays. The Aggies were wondering who was going to step in and take the reins after Johnny “Football” Manziel left for the NFL. They didn't have to look far as Kenny Hill has stepped in. Not only is he efficient, but he is also lighting up the scoreboard every week. Hill is completing nearly 66% of his passes and has already thrown for 1,745 yards and 17 touchdowns. He may not have the hype that Manziel possessed, but he wins games, and he gets the job done in a quiet, but efficient, manner.


Mississippi State hasn't been shown as much love early in the season, but they are showing they deserve some love as the season progresses. Quarterback Dak Prescott has been as impressive for Bulldogs. Prescott is one of the elite dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. He has amassed over 900 yards passing while completing 60% of his passes and tossing 11 touchdowns in the process. Prescott can be called the Fed-Ex Man, because he does it in the air and on the ground. Prescott's 378 rushing yards are the most for an SEC quarterback while ranking fifth in the country among those at the position.

As good as both teams have been on offense, they have been just as good on defense. The Aggies average 51 points per contest while only giving up a mere 15 points per game. The Bulldogs are just as impressive scoring 41 points per contest while giving up a little over 16 per game.


This collision will be one of many that the contenders in the SEC West will have to deal with. You can argue that the winner of this conference's division will probably be the best team in the country, yet the likelihood of that team being undefeated will be very hard to pull off. As the chips start falling, it puts even more emphasis on this game, and it is sure to be everything that everyone is hoping it will be.

I like the Bulldogs in this one to pull the upset. They have the better running game and, to me, that is the recipe to defeat the Aggies. Keep them on the sidelines looking at your offense, and you have a chance to win. This one should be close though and, as a football fan, I can’t wait to see the action unfold. Get your popcorn ready, and enjoy the day Saturday. It should be one for the ages.

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