The Reason Aaron Rodgers Is The NFL's Regular Season MVP

Everyone has been quick to anoint Drew Brees the MVP after he broke Dan Marino’s passing record, but let’s keep things in perspective: Aaron Rodgers is the league’s MVP, and there really shouldn’t be any second-guessing it. Rodgers is the best player on the best team in the toughest league in the world.

First of all, putting together a run like Rodgers did after winning a Super Bowl is amazing. Taking in to fact that the run started during the regular season last year, lasted through the playoffs and until late in the season this year says a lot about the type of player Rodgers is.

Both guys are great, there is no denying that, but sometimes the numbers don’t tell you the whole truth. (I am sure Kenny Masenda will love to hear that). In fact, Rodgers could have passed for far more yards this season had Green Bay just chose to run up the score and get him stats. If you follow the Packers at all, when the game was in hand, Rodgers took his spot on the sideline and allowed Matt Flynn to get some in-game experience. That is big considering he himself used to sit on the sidelines and watch but never was given the chance to come in and relieve Brett Lorenzo Favre.

The endings of Saints games were different. The Saints were persistent about running up the score and helping Brees get his stats. In fact, during the last game of the season, it was apparent that they were trying to break every record possible. Brees played until it was apparent that Stafford and Brady weren’t going to catch him. They then turned to the rookie tight end Graham and threw him the ball until he broke Kellen Winslow’s record. After getting Graham the temporary record, they then showcased Darren Sproles trying to help him get to Derrick Mason’s record for total yards in a season.

That is the problem I have with records. Sometimes, you aren’t sure how they are obtained. I know this, because I held one for sixteen years in college, and I spent the fourth quarter of about every game my senior year on the sidelines cheering on the younger talent as they got their chance to shine.

Taking nothing from Brees, he is a competitor, but he could have very easily done what Rodgers did and sacrifice his spot for the team to get an unproven backup more reps. Rodgers opted to let Matt Flynn have the last game to himself and allowed him to put a few more dollars in his pocket, as he is an unrestricted free agent next season.

I am sure it was not all Brees as he is the consummate team player. He said all of the right things in his post-game speech, which is why he is my favorite player in the league in the first place. However, when we look at the complete body of work and not just what the numbers tell us, Rodgers is the regular season MVP.

Brees may take it up another notch in the playoffs and win his second in three years, but the regular season honors go to Aaron Rodgers.

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