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Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Opening Ceremony Is Almost Here!

After waiting for over a year for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan – it’s finally here! The rescheduled 2020 Olympic Games will commence with the opening ceremony on Friday, with over two weeks of sporting action taking place! We think you should be as excited as we are!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the wait for the delayed Olympic Games is coming to an end, as the Tokyo Olympics starts this week! Now back on track, we’re going to see top athletes from all over the world competing in a wide range of sports.

Team USA

With some lengthy preparation, Team USA athletes jetted off to Japan this week to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Overall, there are a HUGE 621 athletes representing Team USA in Japan – a great pool of talent involved from the other side of the world. Of course, the total number is inflated by teams such as soccer, baseball and softball, for example.

With that said, there are plenty of Team USA names to look out for in the upcoming Olympic Games. It’s an extremely exciting time for sporting fans in the US, who will get to see a wide range of athletes competing. There’s no doubt that Team USA will also be battling it out at the top of the medal table to win this year’s Olympic Games.

Surfing & Skateboarding Introduced to the Olympic Games

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This year, we will see two completely new sports that have never been seen before in the Olympics – Surfing and Skateboarding! These two are highly-anticipated events that have been added as an official Olympic sport. Watch this space – there will be plenty of eyes on this one!

For Team USA, there are 10 athletes competing in the Surfing events, including Daniel Hughes, Caroline Marks and Cole Robbins. Meanwhile, there are 16 US athletes in the Skateboarding team, with Jordyn Barratt, Tom Schaar and Brighton Zeuner just a few of the names within the team.

Soccer Action Before The Official Opening

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Despite the fact that the Opening Ceremony is on Friday, July 23, sports fans can tune into the Olympics action on Wednesday. The men’s and women’s soccer competition kicks off (pun intended) two days before the official opening, so keep your eyes peeled!

Unfortunately, Team USA’s men’s team did not qualify for the Olympics, but the women’s soccer team have landed in Japan with the rest of the Team USA athletes! The first game for Team USA’s women is on Saturday 24, in a matchup against New Zealand.

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