TSFJ Conversations: The Stephen Curry Problem

Slack, the group messaging app used here at TSFJ, provides not only high-quality sports conversation, but even higher-quality entertainment. We've decided to start putting some of those conversations up for public consumption, thanks in large part to Stephen Curry. 

Stephen Curry is different. The way he plays, the way he's marketed, the way the public perceives him — it's all pretty new. On Friday, some of the TSFJ team got into a discussion about what makes it possible for Curry to be different from the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Johnathan Tillman: I realized that if Steph Curry were any other athlete, the conclusion-jumping would drive me to dislike him.

Matt Whitener: I thought about that last week when I found myself disliking him briefly.

Until I was rooting for him again in the shootout.

Because Steph.

Kyle Madson: Ahem, that's Hall of Famer Steph Curry to you.

MW: I like dominant athletes and teams. The narrative around them doesn't annoy me much. It's deserved buzz.

JT: I agree. It's just that it screams preference. Because, for example, we are not giving the same fanfare to Kevin Durant.

MW: Who's been a better player for longer.

KD is being curiously left off the hook, honestly.

Maybe Steph has just Magic Johnson'ed the game. Instantly threw himself in the mix at such a quick rate it's undeniable.

There's literally nothing to hate on and you're just being far too flagrant a hater to knock him, even for the most focused of haters.

KM: Steph won a championship and has had his health recently. Plus he doesn't have anyone to overshadow him.

JT: Right. But that does not excuse not using logic and sense to keep from projecting things. Hell, it took a LOT for people to openly say LeBron was an all-time great.

The more you're liked, plus the more tangibly dominant and visible you are, the more people positively project.

MW: I still favor LeBron in regards to this being his era. But Steph is emerging and it doesn't make me dislike him for it.

No one's era goes unchallenged.

KM: Except MJ's.

JT: I agree with that, too. And, this feels different than 2010 Rose as a blip on the Era of LeBron. Steph is emerging as a continual superstar

But I still, yes ... still, think LeBron is the better player. Steph is having the better season.

KM: I think part of it is because Steph is such an anomaly and people can't compare him to anyone.

MW: Yes, I still think LeBron is the best player in the NBA.

KM: LeBron took that Cavs team to 6 tough games against Golden State in the Finals. He's definitely still the best player in the league, lol.

MW: Steph is a clear 2 at this point and only challenged by Westbrook, who's separated from Durant in my mind. But KD is strong 4.

JT: True. This is unforeseen, which makes his everyman quality even more confusing. We do not relate to Jr. Griffey, and that's basically who Steph is.

MW: LeBron had the best Finals performance I ever saw last year.

JT: I guess shooting threes is relatable.

Except it isn't.

MW: Shooting threes is for the people.

Steph Curry is The Rock.

KM: Steph Curry is Frank Gore. Word to Till.

Eddie Maisonet: Steph is The Rock? F--k outta here.

KM: /giphy for the people

for the people

JT: (Also, I think we should copy and paste all of this and make a post.)

Nah, Steph is more like Daniel Bryan.

Joe Boland: Russ is awesome. KD is better.

KM: We've had several slack convos that would've made great posts.

JB: Kyle is the new Ed.

MW: Steph Curry is the People's Champ. Just as Maivia is.

KM: * changes twitter handle to kylethesportsfan

MW: Steph Curry actually is Rey Misterio.

EM: Been preaching this for years Kyle, word to RevPaulRevere

KM: So am I copy/pasting this b or what?


Steph Curry is unique in every sense of the word. From his level of production to his skill set to his appeal and being almost universally loved, there's nobody in the NBA quite like Steph. Since our sports culture is so hell-bent on finding comparisons, let's find one for him. Taking everything into account, what athlete has ever been on Curry's level?

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