Gregg Popovich Is The Reason Danny Green Got Baptized By DeAndre Jordan

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has stated that he doesn't review game film of other teams, preferring to self-correct his team's mistakes. Film study of the Clippers would've helped Spurs guard Danny Green's sanity Thursday night, given that DeAndre Jordan took his soul off of a Chris Paul lob in the fourth quarter of a 105-85 Clippers win.

If you're familiar with Jordan's work, you've seen this movie before. Three years ago, at the very same spot on the floor, Jordan nearly ended Brandon Knight's career off of a scarily similar lob from Paul.

If Popovich took the time to show Danny Green game tape of the Knight baptism, Green probably would've have taken the L and gotten the hell out of the way. Instead, we're treated another highlight courtesy of Lob City. Thanks, Pop.

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