Top 10 MLB Position Players of the 1990s

This top ten does not include pitchers; only position players have made this list.
10) Juan Gonzalez 

(known by many simply as "Juan Gone") was an elite Texas player during this decade, winning two MVP awards while ranking fourth overall in 1993 voting. In 1992 and 1993, he led his league with 43 home runs; and 46 homers; 632 slugging percentage.

9) Mike Piazza

Piazza was unquestionably the greatest hitting catcher of the 90s and perhaps all time. An unlikely star who emerged suddenly, Piazza became an integral facet of baseball over a ten-year span; earning fourth in MVP voting in 1995 and finishing as runner-up two years later.

8) Gary Sheffield 

Sheffield was one of the most consistent players during the 90s. In 1992 he came within close towinning the Triple Crown before finishing third in MVP voting; that year, he also won the Batting Title with an impressive average of.330; OPS and On Base Percentage leaders that year.

7) Larry Walker 

While many may perceive Walker only for his position on one field, he was an outstanding performer regardless of where he played. In 1997, he won the MVP award. As MVP in 1997, he led in OPS, home runs, slugging percentage, OPS percentage on-base percentage as well as doubles (24) during one season while also leading in bat average in 1998-99 and OPS/OnBase/Slugging in 1999 respectively.


6) Roberto Alomar 

Alomar was an outstanding second baseman who was undisputedly the best at this position during the 1990s. He helped lead his Blue Jays to the World Series title in 1992.

5) Jeff Bagwell 

He gave his all every night, and it paid off. His unique batting style worked extremely well for him, not only being an impressive batter but also excelling on defense as the league leader for first basemen assists from 1994 to 1997.

He won MVP in 1994, followed by second and third-place finishes in 1997 and 1999. During his MVP year, he led the league in OPS, slugging percentage, runs scored and doubles with 48; additionally he held onto this status until 1999 as well.

He placed in the top 10 in batting average and on-base percentage seven out of ten times, slugging percentage five times and OPS six. Runs scored once while doubles four times were also recorded as doubles; home runs four times; walk total eight.

4) Albert Belle.

As the first player ever to hit 50 homers and 50 doubles in one season, he became the league leader in both categories as well as in runs scored and slugging percentage. Additionally, during 1993 and 1996 seasons he led runs batted in and OPS/slugging percentage. In 1998 he led all league leaders.

As a batter, he was in the top 10 in terms of batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS five times each and runs scored four times - doubles four times; homers eight times; runs batted in eight; walks twice.

3) Frank Thomas 

(Big Hurt) was an intimidating presence at the plate, creating havoc for every pitcher who faced him. He earned four consecutive MVP awards - 1993-1994- and was third place both years he finished third; leading all league categories in terms of OPS, On Base Percentage and Walks the first time around and all three the following year!

He again led the league in OPS, on-base percentage and walks for 1994 while adding runs. In 1995 he again led in walks before leading OPS, on-base percentage and batting average for 1997.

He earned top 10 rankings in terms of batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS seven times each. Runs scored six times; doubles twice; homers six; runs batted in seven; walks eight; as well as runs batted in and runs batted in.

2) Barry Bonds 

While Barry Bonds may be one of the most controversial baseball players ever, no one can deny that he was one of the greatest to grace this game. His abilities as both batter and fielder made him an MVP three times: 1990, 1992 and 1993, as well as second in 1991, fourth in 1994, fifth in 1996/97 (finishing fifth each time), and on-base percentage leader during these seasons (91-1993 and 1995).

He placed in the top 10 for batting average twice, on-base percentage nine times, slugging percent nine times. Runs scored once; doubles twice; triples twice; homers eight; home runs one.

1) Ken Griffey Jr

It was truly breathtaking to witness "The Kid". His athleticism and grace were second-to-none, making him a five-tool player with unparalleled talent. Many consider him the greatest baseball hitter ever; many also believe he could be considered one of the greatest defensive center fielders ever, as evidenced by his 10 Gold Glove awards over ten years - proof in itself!

He won the MVP in 1997. At.646 Home Runs, he led the league in slugging. -base percentage twice and slugging percentage nine times, OPS eight times, runs scored seven times (doubles three times and triple once), home runs seven times (runs batted in seven times and walks one) and walks once.

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