WATCH: Brad Hall Does A Hilarious On-Court Review Of The Nike Kobe X Elite

Brad Hall is back.

Not too long ago, we enlightened many of you the sneaker review wizardry that is Hall and the constant flow of new kicks that are always hitting the (virtual) shelves. You all got a kick out of it, so we're here to give you some new magic.

Hall's next review is of the Nike Kobe X Elite, and what makes this video interesting is that Hall leaves the comfort of his leather chair for an actual basketball court. What happens next is two minutes and fifty-three seconds of awkward moments with Hall taking off his pants, hanging out with a mannequin and clunky basketball moves.

Once again, a few quick takeaways:

  1. When Brad started unbuckling his khakis, I got nervous. When he revealed khaki shorts, I died 10 times.
  2. "I have a bit of a LeBron body type." Yep, I do too. (In weight only)
  3. Bunyons are the worst.
  4. Brad's boxout on the mannequin was the highest of quality
  5. Evidently the Nike Kobe X Elite feels like a loafer...well, alright then.
  6. That's a handsome ass mannequin.
  7. I wonder what Kobe Bryant would think about this sneaker review.
  8. Overall...good.

Brad Hall, everybody.

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