Summer On Smash: We Are The Process Gears You Up To Own The Summertime


You can always tell when the summer season is around the corner. Dom Kennedy usually has a new album worth cranking loudly in your stereo, women are wearing sundresses in abundance and sitting in the stands for a baseball game feels like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Summer is awesome.

Another great reminder that the summer is on its way is that our friends over at We Are The Process annually try and dip us with the tees, caps and other essentials necessary to help us flourish and prosper when the sun is shining.


Making this particular lookbook more personal are Jorge and Jhesika, as the pair photographed and modeled for the shoot and shared a personal story about the brand and themselves in the process. I'll let Jorge's words take it from here:

Georgios, Larry and I have always been behind the camera in one capacity or another. From concepting, art directing, producing the line and distributing the brand, we’ve never purposely put ourselves in front of the camera for the brand lookbooks. We agreed that this time around would be different. It is truly time to share who we are, what our lives are about and where our personal interests lie.

We left on a Friday. Unlike most Fridays, this one would be one we would never forget. Our flight was scheduled for 6 a.m. from New Orleans, and it was one-way. Our destination would become the starting line of our latest adventure. Jhesika and I had been waiting almost a year, and the day was finally here. We were headed to West Palm Beach to pick up the newest ‘member of the family: a Morgan 3 Wheeler. With only enough room for two small bags, full of the newest We Are The Process collection and my DSLR, the next 1000 miles of our life would be recorded and used as the WATP Summer 2013 lookbook.


Be sure to peep WATP's recent lookbook as the Summer '13 collection can be purchased at the We Are The Process online store, and be sure to check their twitter feed as well.

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