Ten Songs You Need On Your 2017 Autumn Wind Playlist

It’s that time of year again! The last season of the year, also known as, the last hoorah to get your annual final quarter in order. Whether or not the autumn leaves were a sign, these past few weeks in the sports world have been quite the whirlwind. Everything from the Lynx-Sparks rivalry in the WNBA Finals, to player protests in the NFL, to the Celebrity-In-Chief Donald Trump disinviting the Golden State Warriors to the White House—let’s just say you can always call on sports to be unpredictable. In addition to souls being stolen due to natural disasters and a senseless terrorist attack, autumn is the perfect time for manifestation, transition, and healing. To help get you through these last few months of 2017, here are ten songs to add to your Autumn Wind Playlist:

Talib Kweli ft. Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham – “Heads Up Eyes Open”

One of Hip-Hop’s most conscious MCs, Talib Kweli is known for his activism for social justice and civil rights while spitting bars of wisdom. On his latest track with Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham, Kweli takes “Heads Up Eyes Open” listeners to church by encouraging faith and positivity during trying times.


Lecrae, "Facts"

Lecrae's 8th studio album All Things Work Together is the perfect summary of going through life's journey. He realizes how people are constantly faced with trials every day, but must remain hopeful. On "Facts," he discusses his stance on political issues and social injustice, perhaps it's a great song for athletes who support Colin Kaepernick's protest.


Vic Mensa ft. Pharrell Williams and Saul Williams, "Wings" 

Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa released his debut album The Autobiography during the summer and one of the standout songs is "Wings." The Pharrell-produced track has Mensa flowing poetically as he encourages his listeners to let go of the past and fly.


Lil Uzi Vert ft. Pharrell Williams, "Neon Guts"

There is no doubt Pharrell works tirelessly behind the boards, and this summer he worked with some of the youngest and brightest in the game, including Lil Uzi Vert. "Neon Guts" is all about reflecting on success and self-happiness as he says, "Higher than Elon Musk / So high stars eat our dust / And I got a colorful aura like I got neon guts."


Logic, "Everybody"

The title track from Logic's third album sums up the necessity for racial equality in the world. Yet another song that could be added to anyone who truly believes athletes protesting for the greater good.


Sunni Colón, “Little Things”

Los Angeles singer Sunni Colón worked with electro-producer Kaytranada on the dreamy feel-good track "Little Things." Sunni ensures to not always take life for granted and appreciate the little things.


Tyler, the Creator ft. Jaden Smith, "Pothole"

Los Angeles rapper Tyler, the Creator teams up with Jaden Smith on "Pothole." A fan favorite from Tyler's latest album Flower Boy uses a driving metaphor on dealing with obstacles and learning how to see the signs of life.


Saba ft. Daoud, "Where Ideas Sing"

Pivot Gang rapper Saba is known for putting on for his hometown of Chicago. His newest single "Where Ideas Sing" embodies the importance of your roots, appreciating the city that raised you and recognizing your growth.



J Balvin, Willy William ft. Beyoncé, "Mi Gente (Remix)" 

Colombian singer J Balvin and producer Willy William released their sizzling single "Mi Gente (My People)" earlier in the summer, but recently added the queen Beyoncé to a remix with sales going towards hurricane relief. The music video screams how much the world needs unity, solidarity, and equality for all.


T.I. ft. Quavo, Meek Mill, and RaRa, "Black Man"

Although Atlanta rapper T.I. released "Black Man" back in 2016, the song still rings true a year later. For anyone who is confused about Colin's Kaepernick stance on kneeling during the National Anthem, "Black Man" speaks to his take against police brutality and social injustice. However, due to Trump's recent comments against athletes who kneel, many media publications and citizens have taken Kaepernick's stance completely out of context. Hopefully, more people will soon realize the reason he decided to protest in the first place, only time will tell.

What songs did we forget to add to our Autumn Wind Playlist? Let us know in the comments section!

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