News on Olympics 2024

There’s no more important sporting event than the Olympics. This is where legends are made, where history is written. And not only is it arguably the most awe-inspiring sporting event ever devised, it’s also one of the biggest.

Hundreds of events, thousands of athletes, multiple medals. However, while it’s impressive to be so in awe of its size and magnitude, it can make following the news on Olympics rather challenging. To assist you in making the most out of the monster-sized international spectacle, we’ll hand you over to our team of experts.

All the Latest Olympics News Today 

As even just the latest news on the Olympics can cover an absolutely colossal amount of information, we sometimes have to break our Olympics news today into different categories. Here’s five key news types you can expect from the latest Olympics news from us – although do keep in mind that whenever it’s relevant, we’ll include multiple topics in a single news piece.

Upcoming events

Generally, when we’re talking about the latest news on the Olympics, we’re talking about events that have already occurred. However, that isn’t always the case. Our sports news for today will let you keep on top of all upcoming Olympics events, together with any changes to those events. This is one of the most important elements of enjoying the games as both a spectator and someone looking for the best Olympics betting markets.

Breaking news: the medals table and beyond

Here we’re talking about events that have just occurred, with the medals table being a perfect example of days worth of action formulated down to the key points. We offer layers of information so you can get what you need from our news at a moment’s notice.

If you just want to know about the medals table, we’ve got you covered. But in addition, we also provide plenty of deeper insights for those looking to get an inside view of exactly what went down. That way, they can experience the thrills and the drama of Olympic events when they don’t have time to personally watch them live.

Athlete news

Naturally, all events are made up of athletes and often that extra detail we talked about a moment ago also includes athlete news. You may want to know the intricacies of their performance over an event, which is where this category and the previous cross over.

You may also be interested to learn about how certain athletes are doing in training according to the most reliable reports or if there’s any Olympics news today regarding potential injury or fitness issues. All this information can be vital for making smart predictions in upcoming events, as it has a direct impact on the likely positions at the end of an event. It’s not merely gossip or a public interest story: it also has great strategic implications.

Additional context and content

We understand that as far as news on Olympics categories goes, this is a pretty vague one. But the truth is, it has to be. That’s because we can’t tell you what additional context and content will be newsworthy – they are, by their nature, unknown. It could be the effect of the weather on an event or even the impact of huge global events like the impact of the Covid pandemic.

If we knew what the additional news items would be, well, we’d be able to tell the future and even our experts can’t manage that. All we can do is reassure you that if it’s newsworthy, it will be covered.

Bookmaker coverage

Alongside Olympic games news specifically related to the sports played at the event itself, we'll also continue to cover non-Olympic sports in the same way. That means that the latest golf news will still be served a up as usual, with the same attention to detail.

We'll let you know about any relevant bookmaker news as well. It could be particularly generous odds or promotions, for instance – anything we think that could make betting during the Olympics a rewarding experience for you.

The Importance of Keeping Up-to-Date

Now you know what kind of news we provide, we want to make it clear that we don’t just do so to give you something extra to chat about around the water cooler at work – although if it sparks conversation, we’re certainly happy to help. No, we provide news on Olympics events, players and markets because we think it can have a tangible impact on your betting experience and even your betting strategy.

Here’s three simple ways our experts can have a positive practical effect on your gambling experience:

Helps you wrap your head around the enormity of the event

Whether we’re talking about sheer enjoyment of being able to understand things for the purpose of making the most strategically sound bets, the sheer size and variety of the Olympics causes a bit of a problem.

That’s why our latest news on the Olympics covers as much as we can, from the niche to more well-known events. We know that foundation of knowledge is vital in transforming you from someone who is passively aware of the Olympics and follows the odd event to someone who has a comprehensive view of what’s coming up, what has been going on, and how best to use our latest Olympics news this detail for future bets.

Allows you to bet on the Olympics like any other sport

Most of the time, when we bet on our favourite sports, we do so with a really solid understanding of the sport, tournament, teams and players involved. There’s just a natural advantage to having been a fan of a game for so many years.

When the Olympic games are underway, it can have an effect on other events. For instance, you'll find that some of the top NHL players will be representing their countries and affecting the team dynamic. That's why you'll still need the latest hockey news as well as following our Olympic match news to make allowances for that fact.

However, the Olympics throws so much at you at once, it can be tough to bet with the same level of strategy. Our news coverage is here to help you bridge that gap and bet like the Olympics was any other sport. Because in terms of how odds and payout works, it’s exactly the same, so your approach to it should be as close to your favourite sports as possible.

Mass bookmaker coverage – know where to look

We mentioned earlier that part of our latest Olympics news also covers the most recent promotions relevant to the Olympics, as well as any particularly notable odds. Both of those things are true and are indeed, very important to ensure you’re not missing out. Perhaps more important though is that our Olympics games news can also help you discover the best place to bet on the Olympics.

Olympics News Curated by Experts

Even for our experts, providing the best Olympics news coverage can be a challenge. Think about it, when you’re writing about a sporting event – even an absolutely massive one like the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl or the World Cup – you only need to know about one sport. That might be underselling it: we know that to be experts in any sport requires an enormous amount of understanding, passion and dedication. And that’s only one side of the equation.

Like we said, our Olympics news today is not merely to inform you for the purposes of general sports knowledge but also to help make your betting experience even better. On top of having a great understanding of the relevant sport in question and being able to utilize that to help contextualize the news, there’s also the need to relate that news to people’s real-life betting experience. That’s why our experts are so important in an ordinary sporting event.

When you talk about Olympics games news, you need to have experts which can wrap their head around 41 sports – and that’s before we take the number of events and athletes into the mix. We are lucky enough to have experts for many individual sports on call who will be working tirelessly to bring you the usual updates for example, you'll still get the latest tennis news, in addition to coverage of Olympic tennis.

Put simply, it’s a monumental task. And again, all of this also requires betting experience to make that link from the latest news on the Olympics and how that can help you make the smartest and most enjoyable bets.

That’s why it’s so important that the people writing these articles are experts. The Olympics is such an enormous thing to understand in real depth. Our experts then need to convey that vital information so you understand everything you could ever possibly need to know about upcoming Olympic events. They deserve a medal.

Key Benefits of our Olympics News 

What are the benefits then, of this expertly curated, carefully selected, painstakingly fact-checked expert news and analysis? Aside from the fact that it’s news you can simply trust – which is no small matter in the online world of endless news sites – there are also four key benefits that we think makes our Olympic games news stand out from the competition:

A focus on bookmakers available, not just in the US but state-by-state

We’ve made no secret that when it comes to our news on Olympics, we like to connect it to your betting experience whenever possible. We are Captain Gambling, after all. And we’re not the only site to do this, however, something that’s really important but sadly often overlooked is the part geography has to play.

We’re a US-based site and that means we can focus on the safety and legality of a bookmaker – and relevant Olympic promotions on events – on a state-by-state basis so you’re never out of the loop.

Constant updates: the Olympics moves quickly

Not only is there so much going on during the Olympics, but it all happens so fast. That’s why not only does the accuracy of our reporting matter, but the speed of our news updates matters too. We update as much as we can and as much as is relevant, so you can rest assured that this is a place not just for your Olympic news update, but for the most up-to-date information possible.

Our extensive Olympics coverage will not impact on any of our standard news pages either. Fear not readers, you'll still be getting your regular dose of the latest fantasy football news or any other subjects you follow despite the Olympics being in full flow.

News that gets down to what you need to know

Covering the Olympics is a balancing act worthy of the spectacle itself. There’s so much to talk about, so many events, so many amazing history-making moments. However, we’re also aware that most people reading this have busy lives. They don’t have the time to spend hours and hours reading through the details, no matter how fascinating.

That’s why a big part of our experts job is not just ensuring that the information provided is clear, but also that it’s reliable and carefully considered, so you get everything you need to know, while also not boring you with unnecessary, unhelpful details. The Olympics won't impact on our usual sports news either, you'll still see the latest wrestling news in addition to our coverage of Olympic wrestling events.

An equal passion for the sports and betting side of things

Some sites are good at explaining what is happening in the world of online gambling. Some are good at providing the news. Our experts are as good as anyone at providing both the news on Olympics and what relevant betting bookmakers, promotions and odds relate to it. In addition, we excel when it comes to covering both and using that to improve your bets – both in terms of strategy, and, just as importantly, in having a positive impact on your experience.

Conclusion: The Best Place for Olympic Insights

The Olympics aren’t just the ultimate test for the athletes who have worked hard to make it to that most prestigious of sports spectaculars, but also for those looking to keep on track with everything going on. We'll still be keeping up with other sports news too, so you won't find yourself missing out on the NFL news and rumors even at the height of the Olympic games.

We think we’re the best way of keeping on top of all the news on Olympics, thanks to our incredible team of sports fanatic experts. They can tell you the rules of archery as well as how to spot a fair promotion and plenty more in between. Make sure you check in regularly to see our most recent articles and news additions.