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You’ve just found a reliable source for the latest tennis news around the world in both the WTA and ATP tour events. We cover the Grand Slams, the Master’s events, the end of season events, and everything in between.

Through the active season that runs from January through November for the men’s and women’s tours, our sports column will bring you the latest results, head-to-head information between players, and the surprises, shocks, disappointments, and Grand Slam winners throughout. Stick around to make sure you don’t miss a thing, getting the latest reliable data whenever you need it.

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Get all the tennis news now - no hassle, no speculation, just accurate news surrounding all the major players on both tennis tours. In addition to the coverage we've already told you about, you'll also get news on Olympics matches and medals.

The Sports Fan Journal is powered by fans who also have extensive experience in writing, bringing you all the latest tennis highlights today.

Which players are out of action?

Tennis is a competitive sport, and that means some players are going to experience injuries. You’ll be among the first to discover the latest news of withdrawals, injuries, and the fallout from such occasions. Which players might take advantage of one of their rivals being out of action for a while? Could a top player drop down the rankings and let another up-and-coming name achieve a breakthrough for their first major title?

Who is winning the major tournaments?

The four Grand Slam events turn everyone’s heads, as they should. The Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon, and the US Open are the four main events of the year, welcoming top players and qualifiers from the ATP and WTA tours.

The top eight male players also qualify to play in the ATP World Tour Finals, with the women competing in the WTA Finals. We bring you the latest updates on which players are progressing to the latter stages of these and all other events. We’ll report on the winners, on those who qualify for the end of season events, and on major upsets and surprises.

Who sits where in the rankings?

Each tournament gives the players a chance to earn ranking points. We keep you updated on who has the top spot, which players are inside the top 10, and which are likely to be the biggest movers - up or down - in the coming weeks. We’ll also check out whether there are any major point gaps between players, and identify where progress can be made to increase positioning depending on the results of a single tournament.

What’s happening during the clay, grass court, and hard court seasons?

Different players often perform better on their favorite surfaces. You may hardly register a player during the clay court season, yet they may come to life and start winning grass court tournaments soon after. Then into the hard court swing, you might see other names making it clear they’ve arrived. We update you on all the changes from one swing to the next.

Here’s why you need to stay up to date on tennis news now

Tennis fans always love keeping up with developments in their favorite sport. But so do fans of other sports, whether it's the latest golf news or daily soccer updates, they crave it and can't get enough.

However, if you want to make one or two wagers on your favourite sport, it becomes even more crucial that you know what’s happening. The latest tennis news gives you a chance to do this, as we discover here.

Expand your knowledge to boost your betting experience

The Sports Fan Journal is brought to you by sporting fans. Our keen tennis fans keep you updated with information on all the essential topics surrounding the sport. In the same way, our NHL experts will bring you all of the ice hockey news you can't afford to miss. You can use this info to help you become more knowledgeable - and this knowledge is ideal when you’re looking to place your next sporting wager.

Look for players on a winning streak

Ranking is only part of the deal when you’re looking at players to back with a bet or two. While the top-ranked player in both the men’s and the women’s rankings has got there through continued outstanding performance, they still won’t win every match. That’s why we evaluate other players as well, to see whether one or two stand out as having the longest winning streak around at the moment. They could be useful to back with a bet in the next tournament.

Find the best odds on the most likely players to win a Slam or tournament

Betting on the in-form player to win a Grand Slam isn’t going to bring you the best odds to create a decent return. It’s often better to choose someone who stands a reasonable chance of upsetting the favorite, or someone in the other half of the draw who might reach the final and spring a surprise. Longer odds on a player who performs well on that surface could bring you the successful wager you’re looking for.

Use extensive data to put together an accumulator bet

This requires more in-depth knowledge of players, their current form, their form on a specific surface, and their recent record against their opponents. Other one to one sports benefit from intimate knowledge of contestants, so within the scope of wrestling news now, for example, it's something you'd also find of great benefit if you happen to be a fan.

You can glean all this info from our regular insightful reports into the world of competitive tennis. Using one sturdy source for this info - The Sports Fan Journal - you can think about trying an accumulator bet if you want to expand your potential with tennis wagers.

The latest tennis news from our experts

Love, set, let cord, tramlines… all these terms are going to be alien to those who don’t have an interest in tennis. Fortunately, you can count on all our tennis writers to be up to date with the latest changes and news in professional tennis.

Our tennis content and news isn’t written by experienced writers who have only a passing knowledge of tennis - if they know about it at all. We only use tennis writers to create our news articles - people who love tennis and will happily watch countless events day in, day out. They understand the rules, they know the history, and they bring you accurate information as quickly as they can get it to you. You’ll see that passion come through the content too, giving you even more to enjoy as you read our articles and news reports.

Our experts know how important certain topics are and why you need to know about them. They also understand handicap betting, match betting, moneyline wagers, exact score bets, and all the other variations you’ll find when you’re looking to bet on a match, outcome, or player. All this news and experience goes into every news article created and published at The Sports Fan Journal. Consider this your one-stop source of useful tennis facts and news, where nothing is missed and the advantages of reading our daily updates comes through in your own expanded experience.

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What makes us the best site to visit whenever you want tennis news and reports to read? There’s more than one answer to that.

Digging up tennis news no one else reports on

We don’t bring you obscure news you won’t be interested in. We do, however, bring you news you can use, and sometimes that means you get more information here than you will at even the leading and best-known news sites.

For any sport, background knowledge can be invaluable, so we'll tell you about any gossip that reaches our ears as well. It's not just tennis news that gets that kind of input, you'll routinely find NFL news and rumors posted in our columns and much more besides.

As tennis fans and experts on the game, we can bring you plenty more of the latest tennis news from all angles of the court. Singles and doubles, we cover it all, and leave nothing out.

Regular news reports on the ATP and WTA tours

While some sites may only cover the women’s or the men’s tennis tours, we keep an eye on both of them throughout the year. We’re not just about following the progress of famous tennis players either. We report on lesser-known names that could be the big names of the future. You can also count on learning more about players who are making major inroads in the sport, as we report on individuals leaping up the rankings faster than anyone else. They could be the ones to watch when assessing betting odds in the future, so we cover them all.

Predictions and news on forthcoming events

It’s superb to have a reliable source of predictions on players to watch for upcoming tournaments and events around the world. We give you our predictions before the matches begin, along with news on every match that takes place. You’ll find it easier than ever to amass plenty of data as you establish your approach to betting on tennis. Our sports news of the week, together with regular updates, ensures you can always act on the most up-to-date information too, rather than relying on reports from other sites that might be days old and no longer reliable.

No waffle - just the facts, every time

We know you want to place your tennis bets as quickly as possible. When you come across a news article at TSFJ, you’ll always get the facts you need with no waffle. We’re always straight there with the details, so you can get what you need and use that information however you wish.

Our no-nonsense approach means you can trust the tennis news coming to you daily from The Sports Fan Journal. You won’t find yourself poring over articles looking for data, only to find flowery information that doesn’t help you choose players to follow, bets to place, or tips to count on.


The point here is simple - if you want the latest tennis news brought to you in a digestible format without any waffle, visit this page whenever you need it. We recommend visiting daily if you can, even outside the main tennis season, as we’re always reporting on the events, injuries, performances, and other factors that you’ll want to know about.

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