Latest Wrestling News 2024

Did you know you can bet on professional wrestling? That’s right, that hybrid between soap opera and combat sport is available for you to wager on match results and much more. Of course, doing so requires a unique approach.

To get the most from your wrestling bets, you’ll need wrestling news now so you know all about rumors, upcoming matches and odds, as well as a team of experts who really appreciate this unique betting opportunity. We leave no stone unturned, so let’s dive into everything you need to know about our latest wrestling news.

All the latest news in pro wrestling now 

Naturally, the antics of the WWF superstars are probably what springs to mind when you think about wrestling. However, joking apart, wrestling also has its serious side, in fact it's an official Olympic sport, so you'll find it covered within our latest Olympics news too.

Betting on wrestling is available from many bookmakers, which might come as a surprise to you. You’re probably also wondering exactly what the latest news in pro wrestling consists of – especially with how it relates to gambling. Well, it’s actually quite a multi-faceted subject, with many different types of wrestling news today that you should be aware of:

Big upcoming events

The first kind of wrestling news now is also probably the simplest. That’s the news you'll find in our sports column which features upcoming events and match announcements, so you know what you’re likely going to be able to bet on in the future.

This is actually a touch more complicated than you might think because cards are subject to change and often do change at the last minute as a result of creative or outside issues like injuries. That’s why it’s so important that our team of experts is constantly on the ball to give you the most recent information.

Rumored upcoming matches and cards

In fact, it’s even more complicated than that! But we'll try to give you sports news in English - the plain type you'll actually understand! Even when we’re just talking about the card for upcoming events, you can see just how many factors there are to consider. There’s also rumored upcoming matches and cards to think about – sometimes long in advance.

It could be a rumored WrestleMania main event, for instance, or a showdown at Summerslam. This is important not just to get a head start on those markets but for the implications, these rumors have on previous results, and thus your bets on more recent events, as one match often leads to another.

Potential event surprises

When there’s a really Big Show like the Royal Rumble, wrestling companies like to provide surprises to make the show more exciting and less predictable. In fact, the irony of the Rumble – which is headlined by a huge 30 (occasionally 40) man match – is that some level of surprise is expected.

You can often get prop bets on this kind of market: for instance, who is going to be a surprise entrant in that multi-man, or whether a rumored signed star is going to turn up at an event. That brings us to our next key considerations...

New signings

There’s few bigger news stories in the world of professional wrestling than a star signing to a new company or the debut of some up-and-comer from the lesser-known independent world. But you'll see the same sort of impact for other mainstream sports. It would certainly be covered in our NFL news for today if a star quarterback was changing teams, for example.

Right now, there’s more wrestling competition than ever before, with WWE being joined by smaller companies like All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Impact – all of whom are in a battle to sign top talent. That means there’s regular news and rumors of signings, as it could have a big impact on the company, and indeed, the betting markets.

Other non-scripted news

One thing that separates wrestling from other forms of betting isn’t just that the show is scripted but what happens off-screen can often have a huge effect on the product as you see it. If the wrestling news today tells you that a star is looking for contracts elsewhere, for instance, that will likely affect how they’re presented – and how likely they are to win anything. If someone is injured, again, they’re likely not winning any big events.

On and off-screen are bound in professional wrestling, and understanding both is vital to making wise bets.

The importance of keeping up-to-date with wrestling news

Perhaps because people aren’t used to treating wrestling markets as they would traditional sports – that is, one which requires research to make the most out of from an accuracy standpoint – some may be wondering what the practical benefit of knowing the latest news in pro wrestling actually is.

Well, if you're a fan, you'll know that its just as vital to you as the latest tennis news is for followers of that sport. Rest assured, it has far more uses than simply keeping up to date with your favorite wrestling show. Here’s how our latest wrestling news can benefit you:

Find out which markets are available

There’s a lot of wrestling out there. Unless you’re a huge fan like our experts, you’re probably not aware of quite how much. There’s hundreds of shows going off night after night with different companies, styles and wrestlers across multiple continents.

Now, wrestling hasn’t gotten to a point in the world of betting markets where you can bet on practically everything around the world like ice hockey for instance, as you'll see if you care to browse through our latest hockey news pages.

So, knowing which markets are available to bet on – in particular, knowing what’s available to US readers (even taking state-by-state differences into account) – is a vital part of our wrestling news. It gives you a baseline of knowledge regarding what you can and can’t bet on.

Keeping on top of a huge, connected industry

Just to be clear, we love the fact that there’s so much wrestling out there. Our experts can’t get enough of it: every slam, dropkick and chinlock have them ready to charge to the ring and save the day.

However, most of Mankind simply don’t have the time to physically watch that much wrestling. Actually, one person literally couldn’t if they dedicated themselves entirely to it: that’s just how much is out there. That’s why, if you want to keep on top of the wrestling world, you need the latest wrestling news to fill in the gaps.

Allows you to recognize quality odds on niche markets

Wrestling might be an unusual market, but that can make for great odds and great betting opportunities. You see, bookmakers have a formula for how they come up with their odds, and a lot of that is based on stats between two competitors or teams.

However, stats don’t matter all that much in the world of wrestling, which is quite a contradiction because for most sports, stats are the cornerstone. Our golf news now would be filled with them when the PGA Tour is underway, for example.

However, for wrestling, which is scripted, you’re essentially predicting the choices of writers rather than the outcome of a physical contest, the normal rules don’t apply.

This means bookmakers often provide some pretty generous odds – occasionally some arguably rather unwise ones – that those in the know can take advantage of. Of course, keeping on top of the latest news in pro wrestling is a vital part of recognizing such opportunities.

Wrestling news curated by experts

How does one become an expert on professional wrestling? Well, we’d say it all comes from being a really big fan. That’s right, our experts know their arm locks from their figure 4’s – and that comes from simply loving professional wrestling for many years.

This isn’t just important in maintaining our interest – although considering all of the wrestling that’s out there, that is very important. The reason you need an expert to tell you about wrestling news now is that it’s not just about presenting the news but about being able to interpret it.

Put simply, it can be hard for an outsider to know whether or not wrestling news is actually worth your while. One of the frustrating things about wrestling news today is that a whole lot of it turns out not to be true. This is an industry rife with rumor and you need more than just any old writer to be able to analyze whether or not it’s worth knowing.

Trust us, if you were to take every wrestling rumor as fact, you would end up with not just a bunch of useless information, but some that’s actually counterproductive to your betting predictions.

Our years of being fans and analyzing rumors masquerading as news mean that we’re well-equipped to tell the nonsense from the noteworthy. And even though we cannot guarantee, for instance, that every suggestion of a wrestler jumping from one company to another or a leak that a certain star may win a major match is true, our experts are capable of sifting through and providing you with only what’s worth your consideration.

Key benefits of our wrestling news 

What makes us the champion of wrestling news now? Why do we think we can lay the smackdown on other sources of the latest news in pro wrestling? Put the full nelson on other options for wrestling news today?

Here, we’re going to show you why we think wrestling news is important for anyone who wants to make the most of these betting markets, but specifically why we think you should choose us as your source of all that grappling goodness:

It’s niche and requires people who understand its uniqueness

Many other sites which report the wrestling news do so as though it were any other sport. In doing so, they fundamentally misunderstand the market. Wrestling is very much its own beast – not quite the same as any other scripted TV show because of the athletics and the live danger that’s present in every show, but still per-determined. Put simply, you don’t just need the latest wrestling news, you need that news put into context by people who understand the format.

Understanding the importance of inside and outside the ring

Wrestling by its nature is made to make you question the line between reality and fantasy: where the script ends. This means what happens outside the ring is every bit as important as inside the ring. This dynamic goes back-and-forth, impacting the other. You need to understand one to really understand the other, which is why our look at the latest news in pro wrestling gives both equal authorities.

Not taking wrestling rumors for granted

This one is really simple: we don’t simply believe every piece of news. We consider its source and its likely legitimacy before deciding whether it’s worth reporting as news. Some sites report rumor as fact – we’re not one of them.

Looking at the big picture

Part of the reason we insist on having experts deliver our news is that if you’re not interested in professional wrestling, it can be easy to see the news in isolation. The important thing in terms of utilising the news from a predictions perspective is realising that almost everything with wrestling news now is connected. We provide as much context so you can build up a sound gambling strategy based on these insights.

Conclusion: giving you the Stone Cold wrestling facts

Here at Captain Gambling, we take everything that could give you an edge when it comes to betting smartly – and that includes wrestling news now. Not only that but before we provide the news, our experts carefully go through everything to assess how useful it is to our readers and its value from a gambling strategy perspective. In just a few clicks – as fast as the ref can count 1, 2, 3 – you can find the most up-to-date info right here on everything that takes place in and around the squared circle.